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The Wife, she is a Pediatric Resident.

This means that I never see her, and that she works during 99% of all holidays, family occasions, and TV show season finales. Last July 4th, this meant that she was driving, having left work an hour and a half late, desperately attempting to get home in time to see the fireworks. She managed to reach me about 30 seconds after I discovered (along with about 250 other people) that we were standing in the one place where the giant mile-high explosive lights were blocked by high-rises. We ran back to the boardwalk behind our apartment just in time to see the smoke clear.

Now, fireworks are great and all, but it’s not the worst thing in the world to miss them. So I shrugged, and hugged The Wife, and she told me “Now we’ll know for next year.”

Hi. It’s 2010. Otherwise known as “next year.” Guess what we missed.

The Wife worked yesterday, and shall work tomorrow. But the actual July 4th she had off. We made sure to be home when it got dark. 5 minutes to lift-off, we went out back and stood at the railing of the boardwalk. Based on last year’s events, we had a perfect view.

At this point, I should explain our “backyard”. Our apartment complex is a cove- we’re at the bottom of the U. Along either side are various high-rises. Directly across the water is the New York skyline, prominently featuring the Empire State Building. This is quite close to Macy’s, which is where New York launches the fireworks from. We had a perfect seat.

At least until the sky behind several high-rises to our left started glowing weird colors. “Don’t worry,” The Wife and I assured each other as the minutes ticked past, “those are Hoboken fireworks. The NY ones haven’t started yet. We’ll see them when they do.” We said similar things when we noticed the sky to our right glowing through the high-rises. “Oh look, the Hyatt must be launching a little show. Let’s stay where we are though, don’t want to miss the big event.”

About five minutes later, when everyone around us had run off in search of more useful vantage points, and the smoke from the unseen show was drifting across the river, The Wife and I looked at each other.

“Oh well,” she told me “at least we’ll know for next year.”

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Versions of this video have been floating around the web, and I avoided them for about a week and a half. Which makes me stupid because I’ve been denying myself perhaps the best thunder-lizard themed stand-up in the last 60 million years:

You can’t argue with that.

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