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A job by any other name… Ben Levy 25, September

…would still pay the bills. But I would most likely hate it, which is why I work as an advertising creative. At companies with wonderfully ludicrous names.

Even before I graduated from Miami Ad School* I was hired by a company called iChameleon/Group. No one, including the CEO, had any idea why it was called this. He thought it “sounded cool”. But it was an awful lot of syllables, and we didn’t always feel like pronouncing them all. So for the most part, we worked at “ICG”.

Later, iChameleon/Group was purchased by a company called “Sapient”, which is apparently latin for “one who knows.” Sapient later merged with a shop called “Nitro” to become “SapientNitro”. This was a slight improvement, as it presumably translates into “one who knows how to blow shit up”.

When I left SapientNitro, I went to StrawberryFrog. This was excellent because it combined two words that people recognized and were sure they heard correctly into something utterly ridiculous. You tell someone you work for Sapient, you get a polite nod. You tell them you work for “StrawberryFrog” and they do a spit-take. Also, the business cards smelled exactly like a failed attempt at fruit-flavored gum.

Which brings me to my current employer, LBi. As a three-letter acronym, it calls to mind the professionalism and longevity of a pre-bailout bank. Which is probably why it’s printed on all our business cards.

Incidentally, that’s not our name. Not our full name anyway.

The agency is known as LBi in the same way, and for the same reasons, that iChameleon/Group was known as ICG. Namely, because people get tired of pronouncing more than three letters. And because no one on the account team is capable of introducing themselves by the full name of “Lost Boys international” without squirming.

(In case you’re wondering, it’s a British agency originally. So the “Lost boys” being referred to are Peter Pan’s crew, not the shitty 80s vampire movie everyone thinks of here in the US.)

As appropriate for an agency named after a group of boys that don’t want to grow up, here is a shot of the company’s CCO leading a unicorn through the streets of London:

*Miami Ad School is the name of an international educational institution, which means it is possible to not only attend Miami Ad School in Miami, but also to attend Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Sao Paolo, or Istanbul, among other places. I spend a lot of time explaining to people how it is that I teach at Miami Ad School in Brooklyn.

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Friday Feature: Heights Ben Levy 23, September

This video literally made my hands sweat.

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Cheap Shot Ben Levy 18, September

I mean, maybe there are some legitimate reasons why someone would need to play ping pong with a robot. But I can’t really think of one. So when I saw this:

Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 9.10.28 AM
(Click to enlarge and read the fine print)

All I could see was this:

(Click to enlarge and read the fine print)

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Friday Feature: Nope! Ben Levy 16, September

I’ve really got nothing to say about this that hasn’t already been said.

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Want to hear a joke? Ben Levy 12, September

Q: How many holes do I drill to hang a picture?
A: At least one more than the frame requires.

Seriously. Every. GD. Time. The Wife actually sat on the couch and declared “The first screw will go in, the second one will hit the stud.”

I proved her wrong, though.

I hit the stud with the first screw.

I am

a hidden


*By the way, that contest is still going on. If you want a free book in any format including “interpretive dance”, go nuts. Or you could just read the reviews that are currently up. Some really funny shit.

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Friday Feature: Illutron Ben Levy 9, September

I try not to post ads on here just because I’m in some way associated with them. I try to make sure that Friday Features are in some way entertaining or thought-provoking. That they show some cool art people have made, or some new application of technology, or at least contain fire/explosions.

Of course, if a campaign I’ve worked on happens to have all three, you can bet your sweet ass it’ll wind up right here:

If you liked this, check out for more.

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Contests! We got contests! Ben Levy 5, September

Short version for people who hate reading:
Do you love books, but hate paying for them? Me too! That’s why I’m giving away four copies of my book to whoever posts the funniest reviews right here.

Long version for those who are possessed of intelligence, grace, and good breeding, and/or enjoy witty comments:
To help celebrate, promote, and provide suitable fanfare for the arrival of my book on Amazon, I’m running a little contest. A challenge, of sorts. To the victors go the spoils- which in this case are two copies of my book, free, in whatever format you desire. To the losers go my undying gratitude. Which is also pretty cool. Just harder to put on a shelf.

The Challenge:

Write a funny review in the comments section of the amazon listing. It does not have to be positive. It does not have to be informative. It doesn’t even have to be funny (although since I’m selecting the two most amusing comments as the winners, it probably should be). The winners will be chosen at the end of September.

Answers To Questions I Think Will Be Asked Frequently:

“I already own your book, why the hell would I want another copy?”

Because if you win, you get two copies in whatever format you chose. Print, kindle, ePub, pdf, and interpretive dance are all viable options. And I guarantee you don’t have a copy of my book in interpretive dance.

“I don’t own your book, how the hell can you expect me to review it?”

I’m not concerned about meaningful reviews. To be honest, I just want the reviews to be as amusing as the book itself. You know, like this. But if you simply must write a meaningful review, that’s ok too.

To summarize: Go here. Be funny. Win stuff.

Friday Feature: Dance, Bitches Ben Levy 2, September

It’s a long weekend! Everybody make like this:

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