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Bill, the Ninja Killer

To understand the horror of the following story, all you need to know is this: I once pitched an idea involving ninjas.

The overall campaign was green-lighted, but the ninja’s were killed. I recently discovered the method used to murder these silent assassins. And in hope of saving future ninjas, I share it with you.

In the hallways of the client the ninjas waited, silently planning to communicate a simple message to an unsuspecting populace. Then they overheard something like the following conversation:

Suzan: Wow, this ad campaign we got from those guys is great! It’s so funny! Hey Bill, check out this ad campaign!
Bill: Wow that’s awesome! I really like this stuff! But…why are there terrorists in this ad?

And just like that, the ninjas died.

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5 Responses to “Bill, the Ninja Killer”

  1.   Sara Says:

    Hey…all I gotta say is this:

    (and don’t let the man get you down)

  2.   B. Lieve Says:

    I see your ninja reference, and raise you one more:

  3.   Sara Says:

    I think you’re lying…I went to your alleged link and it told me the photo was unavailable. I believe that means I’ve won this round. :)

  4.   B. Lieve Says:

    No, it means those ninjas are so invisible even the internets can’t find them.

  5.   Sara Says: