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An Inconvenient Poop

Long-time readers know that I do my best to help the environment. That’s the reason the wife and I bought those canvas supermarket bags- less plastic in the landfill.

Then we got a dog.

It poops.

Now we can’t buy groceries fast enough to keep a positive bags-to-bowels ratio. In fact, we had to go out and buy plastic bags, just to keep up.

If anyone has an environmentally friendly solution to this, let me know. Because apparently the hole in the ozone layer, those category 4 hurricanes, and the impending extinction of the polar bear are all due to an adorable little schnauzer-dachshund mix.

You didn’t warn me about that, Al Gore.

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One Response to “An Inconvenient Poop”

  1.   Agi Says:

    there are biodegradable poop bags at the pet store. i’m not sure how long it takes – probably a couple hundred years. at least it’s better then the few hundred year life span of a publix bag.