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Talk to the Spam, Vol 2

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another fine edition of Talk to the Spam. For those who don’t remember, Vol 1 detailed a comment which “…was clearly postulating a brilliant postmodern counterpoint to my hypothesis”. Let’s see what today’s automated nonsensical rhetoric has to teach us, shall we?

I recently wrote my first short story and posted it on the BrokenJPG hoping to get feedback. While only one person actually commented here on the blog, I’ve gotten quite a few responses, ranging from “It wasn’t bad” to “I really enjoyed that, do it again!”. I was ready to call the whole thing a success until I was gifted with this brilliant insight:

“I might novelty over the extent of the look well-meaning of rude for a Linux distro.”

And now I just hate everything I’ve ever written.

The beauty behind this comment is that it works on so many levels. It immediately invites a closer reading, instantly rewarding that intense interest by offering up a vast cornucopia of interpretations that reflect the reader’s own biases, which in turn invites further questioning of one’s initial questions.

For example, why is it that he “might novelty”? If he didn’t novelty, what other options would be available? And how would that effect the “extent of the look”? And we haven’t even begun to consider the “Linux distro”, regardless of how well-meaning or rudely it was presented.

In less than twenty words, I was shown that writing needs to work on multiple levels. It’s not enough to simply craft a piece of fiction- I should be struggling to present a literary masterpiece whose hidden allegories and subtleties confound and lobotomize my readers, so that every perusal of the text can impart a different and more exciting revelation. And that’s a lesson that all professional amateur first-time short fiction writers can stand to learn.

So, until next time- I pleasant grape a forthcoming spooner to you.

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