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Bonus Post: Troubled Superheroes

This was originally intended for a micro-story contest, under 250 words. The theme was “troubled superheroes”. Then I read further and discovered they didn’t want “caped crusader” style heroics. So instead, I’ll post it here.

When Adam (aka ATOM ADAM) woke up that morning, the first thing he did was reach for the glass of water on the bedside table, and take his pills.

Setting the glass back on the nightstand, it shattered into a million splinters. It took him three tries to put on a pair of pants without tearing them in half.

Once outside, he caught a glimpse of Kevin (aka KING KEVIN). “Hey!” he called out “Hey KING KEVIN! Over here!”

KING KEVIN turned, and charged across the street at a dead run.

ATOM ADAM went straight at him.

The two closed the gap in nanoseconds. As they ran, their feet cracked the pavement. The pressure burst fire hydrants and flipped manhole covers for blocks. The speed of their passing created shockwaves that hurled squirrels from trees and trees from the ground. KING KEVIN raised a mighty hand, and ATOM ADAM met it with his own. The resulting thunderclap collapsed an entire block of sky scrapers.

“You know” said ATOM ADAM (aka Adam) as he lowered his hand from the high-five “the trouble with these superman vitamins everybody has now is that we don’t have a superworld to go along with it.”

KING KEVIN sighed heavily. Which flung a nearby high rise apartment complex 50 feet in the air.

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