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My relationship with the word “pants” is surprisingly deep.

Anyone who knows me, who has read my blog, who has overheard me talking, or who has spoken to someone else who fits any of these qualifications, is aware that I have a penchant for the random. For that reason, most of my friends do too. I mean let’s face it, either you roll with the non-sequiturs regarding platypuses platypussies platypie duckbilled mammals and their relevance to the meaning of life, or you don’t.

And so it’s not too surprising that somewhere along the way one of my friends uttered “pantaloons!” as a battle cry, or exclamation, or…well shit, he might have been talking about a particularly tasty slice of pizza. Really, I don’t remember.

But from that point forward, the default answer for silliness in all it’s forms was “Pantaloons”. We were declaring Pantaloons at every opportunity. But before long, it seemed to be lacking something. It was funny, sure, but it was missing a certain immediacy. We needed a word that was equal parts exultation and imprecation. We required a single syllable whose utilitarian randomness was beyond all question. Plus, “pants” is a fairly easy extrapolation.

So, everything became “Pants”. Hit in the shoulder unexpectedly? “Pants!” Just heard a piece of unbelievable news? “Pants.” Want to offer an altogether familiar and yet totally confusing response to whatever was said last in conversation? “Pants.”

And don’t even get me started on how many dead-locked concepting sessions I’ve re-invigorated by suggesting “Pants”. Oh don’t look at me like that. It worked for these guys.

Plus, when The Wife (at the time known as The Fiancee) got me this shirt, I knew I was getting married to the right person.

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