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When I was younger, I used to look around and be shocked at how boring adults were. At some point- according to legend- they had once been kids themselves. Why didn’t they have more fun once they could drive and weren’t limited by their allowance and didn’t have to be in bed by eight?

Take restaurants, for example. Why didn’t adults have fun restaurants? Like ones where all the waiters were ninjas, and lead you through secret passages to your table. They could drop out of the ceiling to ask if you were ready to order, and sneak up behind you when bringing your food. And they could all talk in fake Japanese accents and carry swords and maybe even a few could do magic like make fire appear in their hand, and then turn it into your dessert. To younger me, it just seemed obvious that there was a need for this sort of thing.

Luckily, someone else thought so too.


Ninja NY is a great time. The wife took me there for a birthday dinner, and all of the above happened at least once during the meal. Also, we heard the following exchange roughly every thirty seconds:

Ninja: “HAI!”

Good times. Good times.

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