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Friday Feature: Right Foot

In what is quickly becoming a recurring theme, I did not have time to write the Friday Feature I wanted for this week (its one of those rare ones that is accompanied by significant pontification from yours truly). So instead, I offer you this. There are only two things you need to know:

The first thing is that the “thief” on the left is part of a hidden camera TV show.

The second thing is that the man in the striped shirt is not.

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One Response to “Friday Feature: Right Foot”

  1.   Ari Says:

    First of all, that was a fucking sweet roundhouse kick to the face. Second of all, what the hell were they expecting to happen? I mean, I don’t speak French (or whatever second-rate language that was) but I have a feeling it was something like “stop, that guy just stole my stuff.” Stupid French…