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Friday Double Feature: A Tale of 1.5 Ads

This piece of genius is brought to you by ad shop Wieden & Kennedy. It elevates a generic car sale TV spot into something wonderfully sublime:

Alas, PETA had some things to say about it. Below I have transcribed- based on absolutely nothing, and created completely out of whole cloth- the conversation that took place between PETA and W&K:

PETA: We saw that spot you did. With the monkey. We don’t like seeing animals in ads. Do the ad without the monkey, or we’ll complain loudly!

W&K: I see. So you’re saying the ad would be better without a monkey?

PETA: Yes!

W&K: No monkey at all?

PETA: NO! No monkeys should appear in advertisements! It’s cruel!

W&K: Hmm. Ok, we’ll make sure no one sees a monkey in our TV spot from now on.

And then they ran this ad:

I really hope it wins something at an award show. And that they put PETA down for partial credit.

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