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While shopping with The Wife today, I found a sweater/hoodie thing I liked at the Gap. The only problem was that they didn’t have the desired color in my size. Well, that’s not entirely true. The mannequin had it in my size. So I asked an employee if she could take it off ‘ol plastic nuts for me.

This required dislocating both arms and pulling them out through the sleeves. Which explains the opening line of the conversation that took place in the parking lot.

The Wife: Just make sure the arms aren’t stretched out.

Me: I don’t think they’ll be. It’ll get it’s shape back after I wash it anyhow. Plus, that mannequin’s arms weren’t much bigger than mine.

The Wife: (Patting me on the back) Uh huh. Sure honey.

Me: They weren’t!*           *Editor’s Note- I’ve been working out!

The Wife: No, they weren’t.

Me: I could take him.

The Wife: He was taller than you.

Me: Yeah, but he’s probably slow and stupid. Also, he had no head.

The Wife: Right.

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