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Just 365 days till we’re all dead

According to the Mayan Calendar. Cheery, no?

But since I follow Lunar and revised Gregorian calendars (which are noticeably lacking in doomsday predictions) I’m not gonna worry too much about it. Except to suddenly realize that GDAMMIT if I’d thought of that line a month ago I’d have made a killing printing 2011 Happy NewLast Year shirts.


Ok, over it. Moving on.

So in last year’s post I claimed that I never used New Years as an opportunity for self-reflection. Maybe that was true at the time, but this year I’ve done more self-reflecting than a narcissistic mirrored fun-house. Please indulge me in ye olde bulleted recap:

  • I got a new job. I love it.
  • I’ve done a bunch of ads I’m proud of. That’s fucking huge. See point one.
  • I started teaching again. And apparently did well enough/pissed someone off enough that they gave me a portfolio class to teach. This still sort of boggles my mind.
  • I wrote a book. This still boggles many peoples’ minds.
  • I wrote more short stories. Most of them sucked pretty bad, but I’m learning from them.
  • I got back in shape. I weigh less now than I did in college, and I can run faster/further. When I don’t injure myself in the process. Which I do. Often. But theoretically, I can run faster/further.
  • I totally screwed up my priorities in life on multiple occasions.

So clearly management’s stance on the whole self-reflection thing has shifted slightly. But I do still believe, strongly, in my personal whatever-you-want-to-call-it of “doing better than you did last week/month/year”. For example, I’d like to think these pre-New Year recap posts are getting better. But looking at the previous two I’ve penned, that ain’t saying much.

2010 was pretty awesome. 2011, you’ve got a lot to live up to.

Especially since, y’know, once you’re over, the world ends.

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