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The Cowboys Win The Superbowl!

Since they showed up in like 17 ads tonight. That’s how it works right? Whatever stereotypical theme shows up the most wins? I’m not too clear on sports.

Just kidding guys. Clearly the VW spot with MiniVader was the winner.

Closely followed by Audi’s Kenny G spot, which I loved because it felt like a classic superbowl spot: ridiculous production budget that only made sense once the endline appeared.

I also enjoyed VW’s Black Beetle teaser.

Doritos’ strategy of letting other people do their work for them paid off again- both “Best Part” and “House Sitting” made me laugh, even if the pug one was terrible.

Almost as terrible as every single one of Chevy’s ads, each of which made me want to punch them in the metaphorical nuts.

But the big loser is clearly Groupon. I’m sorry Crispin- I love you, but it’s true. That spot was confusing and offensive. It outraged people only slightly less than the Black Eyed Peas’ successful attempt at the worst halftime show ever.

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