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The best time to write is when you feel like writing.

This is often inconvenient when you write for a living. Because there are things called deadliness. And they don’t give a Rhodesian Flying Squirrel about whether or not you’re in the mood.

Side note: Rhodesian Flying Squirrel is the new euphemism of the week.

So sometimes, when the mood strikes, I quickly scribble a blog post (or the start of one) in a Word doc.

And then I normally forget about it.

But sometimes! Sometimes I remember it! And then I use that writing that I did while I was in the mood, and I’m able to rediscover that passion and channel it! Yay!

I don’t write these in the blog itself, or in a google doc. Because the odds are that I already have Word open on my desktop, and I’d rather not waste time opening the other two in a browser. The whole idea here is to strike while the iron’s hot. While the Rhodesian Flying Squirrel is still flying, so to speak.

Point is, I tend to have several half-finished blog posts going at any one time. Which normally means, if I can’t think of anything to post about by Sunday, I have a back up. In fact, I have several in a Word doc right now.

On my machine at work.

Rhodesian Flying Squirrel.

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