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A real office email that actually went out:

“Looking for a very very very specific type of song for the [REDACTED] project and need some help. Shot in the dark… Here goes:

Anyone know where Andy and I can find a Punk Rock Viking Sea Chantey?

Doesn’t hurt to ask I guess… “

A real office email that actually responded, not 15 minutes later:

“Actually a friend of mine back in Australia has a band who SPECIALIZES in eastern european cabaret sea shanty, though recently he’s branching into spaghetti western surf tunes.

Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen.

Depends on how punk vs sea shanty vs viking vs spaghetti western surf you’re looking for, I suppose.

Sea shanty (best chorus ever)


Ummm, something else

For those of you who have never really understood what I do for a living…this will not help you.

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