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Perspective at 60 mph

I was irritated this morning.

The day started out with an argument with The Wife (yes, we have those). Then, on the way to meet friends for brunch, a track maintenance thing forced us to get off after only a single stop and pay for a cab. Then we waited on a crowded corner outside the restaurant for forty-five minutes. Because nothing says “New York hotspot” like publicly flaunting your inability to serve your customers.

While waiting, I casually glanced to my left and watched a girl on a bike get hit by a car.

It was a full on broadside. Squealing brakes, thump as she folded over the hood, another thump as the girl and bike slide off the hood and hit the ground. It was like a movie, except slightly less dramatic. Which made it twice as disturbing. I kept waiting for the slo-mo shot, or for the scene to cut away and show the accident from the driver’s perspective.

I was running. Then The Wife was running. Our friends were calling 911. The Wife and an off-duty EMT kept the biker still until paramedics arrived. My contribution consisted¬†chiefly¬†of telling some angry dude that the people helping the biker were doctors, and maybe he should stop stupidly berating them to let the girl sit up. Cause, y’know, they probably have a better idea of how to handle this than you do. He got insulted and left. So I did my part.

The Wife thinks the biker will be fine, although I’m sure she’ll be all kinds of fun colors down one side come tomorrow.

It took another twenty minutes before we were seated. The food was overpriced and underwhelming. We had to walk twenty-five minutes just to find a train back to the train back to Jersey City.

I was no longer irritated about it in the slightest.

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