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Obligatory New Year Post [UPDATE]

I don’t do resolutions, but I do like to look back on what happened in the past year. If any of you are interested, here we go:

2008 was “the year of the adult”. See, in Dec of 07 I got married, graduated ad school, and got a job. So most of 2008 was the aftermath of all that.

In the past year, I did (or started) all the things mentioned in this post. I also got a dog, lost 10lbs, weathered the agency I worked for being “mass hired” by another agency, and didn’t do anything to make my wife divorce me. I also started teaching, but I’ll talk about that another day.

I watched the Olympics with more excitement than ever before (I still don’t know why). I saw the election of the first black president of the US. And I watched gas top $4/gallon, and then drop to less than 2.

And I was lucky enough to keep my job, my car, and my home in an economy where thousands were not so fortunate.

Over all, 2008 was a damn good year. The next 365 days are going to see some major changes in my life, but I’m feeling pretty good about them. Bring it on 2009.

(We’re one year closer to those flying cars.)

Happy New Years, everybody.

[UPDATE] Man this post was lame. Apologies, I wrote it a few hours before 2009, and I had already started celebrating. However, since I never make a mistake, we’ll just say that I intentionally made the last post of 2008 suck so that all the posts in 2009 look better by comparison. Now go set off a firecracker you crazy kid.

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