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Of blogs and rage

I’d like to start with a conversation that just ended:

All-knowing and beautiful life partner: “Outrageous!”
Me: “Yes, I agree.”
AKBLP: You should write a blog about it! Are you writing it?
Me: I wasn’t planning to.
AKBLP: Why not? Isn’t that the point of a blog? To express outrage!
Me: I guess it can be, but I don’t actually believe my posts change the world.
AKBLP: Then what good is it? Write a post!

The outrage in question revolved around a man whose dog bit a child at the dog park. Rather than apologize, the gentleman helpfully suggested that he had “been bit hundreds of times” and the child was “fine”.

I believe we can all agree that the guy is an asshole and his dog should have been removed from the park. Getting him euthanized would not be out of the question. (The man, not the dog.)

But what I really want to talk about is the misconception that blogs are world-changers. So there’s no confusion, my AKBLP is quite aware that is not a globe-spanning soapbox. In fact, she’s made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions that nobody reads anything I write anyway, so would I please stop typing and clean up from dinner.

There are plenty of people who, when they feel passionate about something, run to blogosphere. And blogs are a vitally important source of (often wildly biased) information. However, the people who feel that posting a scathing, expletive-laden, letter to no one in particular will immediately set all things right are sorely mistaken. A published word does not a pundit make. And if you don’t have the influence or official capacity to affect real change, neither does your blog.

Which begs the question- why the hell do I keep a blog at all? Why go to the trouble of registering a domain, building a site, and attempting to write witty things day after day?

To which I reply: for the ladies, of course. For the ladies.

2 Responses to “Of blogs and rage”

  1.   thebulfrog Says:

    This post changed my life. After reading it I went out and shot someone I didn’t like in the head.
    “Ha! Looks like you’ve been euthanized,” I said, and everyone got a great laugh-cause no one liked that person.

    Anyhow, a real eye opening world changing entry.

    Thanks Ben.

  2.   Ben Levy Says:

    Your sarcasm warms my heart, but your humor wets my pants.