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This is the wrong post

It’s not the one I was going to put here. There are a whole list of topics I want to write about, but this isn’t one of them.

I won’t tell you about them, because it seems the surest way to keep from writing about something is for me to promise I’ll write about it here. (I really will talk about teaching one day. Maybe next post? Maybe? Place your bets in the comments.)

I feel like I have the “that could be a funny post” thought at least three times a day. There’s one that I think of every time I get out of the shower (it’s towel related). This is the only time I’ve thought of it when I’m actually in front of the computer though. And I’m still not writing about it.

All day things I could write about run through my head, but as soon as an empty text field presents itself it all goes out the window. Sometimes I can’t think of how to start. Sometimes I think the topic is too serious. But mostly I just plain forget the 37 things I was just thinking about. I’m beginning to wonder if the admin panel in Wordpress has one of those flashy lights from Men in Black.

The funny thing is, I know how to solve these problems. I do it every day at work. But I refuse to keep a notepad around to jot down ideas for my blog. This is not supposed to be a professional endeavor. If it were, I think I would manage better topics than the fact that I can never remember what topics I want to write about.

In summary- I wanted to write something here, but I didn’t really feel like writing anything I could remember wanting to write about, and I forgot the rest.

I’ll write the right post.

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