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My Perfect Metaphor

The following is a real IM exchange. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. And so nobody spams me.

Him: my VW is called Jalapen~a
Him: shes made in mexico
Me: ah, so it’s a real VW then
Him: i really thought it was german when i got it. i was all proud and shit
Him: and then i find out….mexico
Him: it says on a sticker on the window
Him: “proudly manufactured in volkwagen de mexico”
Him: i tore that sticker apart
Him: bought an EU Deutchland sticker
Me: haha
Me: did you really?
Him: yeah
Me: that’s so sad
Him: it is
Him: i know
Me: that’s like the auto equivalent of sticking socks down your gym shorts
Him: hahahahah
Him: thats EXACTLY what it is


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