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I am so Thirteen Thirty-Seven

My father is not a stupid man. He’s an anesthesiologist, for one thing (that’s fancy for ‘doctor’). He’s also pretty good with code, having written a program that coordinates several departments’ worth of anesthesia schedules. He spends a lot of time on his iPhone. He gets technology, is what I’m saying.

I just thought you should know that before reading the following conversation:

Dad: This guy sent me an email with a line about someone being “so thirteen-thirty-seven”. I’ve never heard it before and he couldn’t find any references to it.
Me: Thirteen Thirty-Seven? I have no idea what- oh! It’s not thirteen thirty-seven. It’s “leet”. Commonly spelled L33T-
Dad: immediately gets it and starts laughing Got it.
Me: -or 1337. It’s short for elite. It’s hacker and gamer-speak. Originally, anyway.
Mom: Wait- what? How do 3’s spell out leet?

Like I said, Dad gets it. Mom, this should clear things up:

Oh mainstream media, you get everything exactly right.

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