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Take out your Visa and begin the test

I don’t remember if I mentioned it here, but The Wife is now a doctor.

Once they graduate medical school, doctors have to make it through their residency before they start making “doctor money”. So there’s no relief in sight from her medical school debts. Also, within the next six months, she has to take her Step 3 exam. Which costs $700.

I don’t know much about the costs of testing. It’s entirely possible this test is worth $700. If so, perhaps the experience is something like this…. (cue wavy transition sequence)

“Alright students, read the instructions to yourself while I read them aloud:

Please only use a #14 karat gold bar to gild your answer key. Make sure to only gild one gemstone per question, and make sure to gild it completely, without letting any part of the stone show through. Most questions will be multiple choice, and these can be gilded ruby, topaz, diamond, or jade. Occasionally you may have the option to choose all of the above, in which case you could also gild Onyx. Once you have finished your exam, please turn in your test sheet, and do not fold the tanned virgin hide it is printed on, as this may make it difficult to read your answers.”

(cue wavy transition sequence)

Yeah, maybe it’s like that. Or maybe some smarmy bastards need a #2 shoved up their ass.

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