A Copywriter’s Blog

Like an FAQ, but with two different letters.

Do you know the “current page” jpg is broken on the menu bar?
Yes. Yes I do. In fact, it took a significant amount of time and effort to make it that way. (I’m still very new to CSS)

What is this? Who are you? How did I get here?
That’s three questions, but I’ll answer them all. This is the blog, store, and virtual home of Ben Levy. The portfolio has been moved here.

I’m Ben Levy. I’m an advertising copywriter. If you want to know more about me, you can check my portfolio site. Or you could just start reading the blog.

Ask your parents. If they tell you “a stork brought you” they’re lying.

Do you really sell shirts?
No. That page is just for shits. (Yes, I do sell shirts. It’s through spreadshirt, a fantastic service I highly recommend. They’re just like cafepress and zazzle, except they have name-brand products and premium printing techniques that don’t disintegrate in the wash. So I guess they’re nothing like cafepress and zazzle.)

You seem angry.
I’m not angry, I just write that way. Also, that wasn’t a question.

What The Fuck?

How do I contact you?
The simplest way is to hit me up at [the name of this blog] However, I also accept correspondence via telepathy, strip-o-grams, and carrier pigeon.

Where’s your resume, damnit?
I really didn’t think anyone looked at these anymore. I was wrong. If you simply must reduce my life to a single sheet of dead tree, look here. All I ask is that you print it on 60 lb, solar-white paper. Leave me with some dignity.