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Happy Holloween Ben Levy 30, October

“Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Zombie Apocalypse was that it never happened. Humanity had been so thorough in saturating their culture with the means to identify and eliminate the zombie threat that it was over nearly before it began.

In fact, it’s likely that had it not spawned on Canal Street (a well-known den of drunkards and voodoo where shambling about and moaning is perfectly acceptable behavior) the outbreak would have been stifled in an afternoon. As it was, the whole situation was perfectly contained after only a few days and about 36 victims. And most of those were killed by organized citizens using firearms and barstools. A few were saved for study, and several were bought by a television station and used for a series of rather creative reality shows.

It is impressive to note that despite humanity’s hundreds of years of planning and propaganda for a potential Zombie epidemic, they were completely unprepared for the Flu Epidemic that eventually wiped them out.”

-Excerpt from the Galactic History Primer of Balthura IV, regarding extinct species

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