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Anyone Order a Mindfuck? Ben Levy 16, October

The other day, I got a strong sense of deja vu.

The place I was at was the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. A really cool street fair created out of recycled shipping containers.

The place it reminded me of was the shipyards in Empire City. They had corridors made of shipping containers.

What’s weird is I’ve never been to the shipyards in Empire City. Because Empire City doesn’t exist. Except in the PS3 game InFamous.

Here’s a crappy shot from my phone:


Here’s a crappy screenshot from Empire City.

Screen Shot 2011-10-16 at 10.13.51 AM

I felt like I was wandering through a place I’d been before. Only this time I wasn’t shooting lightning from my fingertips. (I tried once, just to be sure)

Debates about gaming aren’t unique. Usually it’s over something like whether games can be art (sure, why not) or whether violent games are bad for children (no, actual violence is bad for children). But I remember reading a post once that argued that game memories carry the same weight as “real” memories. At the time, I laughed.

Now, I think gaming is a “real” experience in the sense that it is a thing I have done with my time. I have shotgunned zombies, dominated planets, and assassinated corrupt politicians in quasi-historical settings. But I’m not about to put any of those on my resume.

Still, I spent an entire night unable to shake those feelings of deja vu. And this guy has a whole, amazing sight dedicated to game tourism photos. So maybe there’s more to these fictional experiences and memories than I thought.

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