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I keep meaning to write this post. It’s about why I haven’t had much time to post lately.

But of course, since I haven’t had much time to post lately, it’s taking- well look, you know where this is going, yes?

It’s a combination of things, I think. I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve gone and gotten a life, but the proverbial dance card has been surprisingly full lately. And although it’s difficult to tell, if looked at under an electron microscope there is actual evidence that The Wife’s schedule has gotten better. Slowly. Theoretically. Almost imperceptibly.

Both these things, and a few others which are going on, are pretty awesome, and enjoyable, and time-consuming. And therefore my schedule is a bit chaotic. And so the posts are not posting.

So I’m going to go back to the original plan. Which is to post something, anything, even if it sucks. Especially if it sucks. By Monday. Those with diminutive attention spans will probably enjoy this, since it will presumably mean shorter posts for a while. Historically, every time I say that, I wind up writing a 800 word diatribe within the next month. And if that’s what happens, cool.

But if you show up one day and all that’s here is a haiku, rest assured it’s because I’m out somewhere doing something that’s even more enjoyable than hearing myself talk on the internet.

Which is pretty awesome. Cause I love to hear myself talk on the internet.

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