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Complimentary Emotions Ben Levy 24, June

I bought a 42″ TV recently. It looks nice. It’s the sort of TV that, when people come over, makes them say “That’s a nice TV.”

I like when they do that. It makes me feel good.

I drove an Audi A4 for years. It was my first car. I got it from my father, who was kind enough to have a mid-life crises after I was in a position to inherit it. It was the sort of car that often made people say “That’ s a nice car”.

But when they did I just felt embarrassed.

See, it was a performance car, but I’m not what you would call a performance driver. I can drive, certainly, but I never felt capable of making that car do the truly spectacular things a vehicle of it’s type should be doing.

So when people complimented my car, I felt uncomfortable. I felt like that guy who goes out and buys top of the line ski equipment before heading out to the bunny slopes. There’s just no reason for him to have that stuff. You keep hoping he’ll come to his senses and donate it to his ski instructor or a winter olympian or something.

But my TV? I know what to do with that. I am a fucking performance TV watcher. The Wife and I both are. I can watch a TV like a pro. Lying on the floor, the couch, sitting up, while eating, while tweeting. Hell I’m watching TV right now while I write this. I am a TV-watching savant.

So if you come over, and you are impressed by the girth of my glowing screen, please compliment it.

I will accept it with the confidence of one who knows how to watch the shit out of their television.

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