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Addendum Ben Levy 28, December

The previous post was really difficult for me to write. Not just because I was trying to inject some personal truth into it, but also because I was doing so in a way that caused me to put words and opinions in other peoples’ mouths. And then I woke up this morning and realized it was all wrong anyway.

Hang on to that thought for a second- have you guys seen this shit?

New Battleship

That’s the new version of battleship. Yeah. MiltonBradley Battleship. No foolin’.

While I’m not thrilled that yet another part of my childhood has changed, I do understand that they went with a hexagonal grid because it allows more variety in ship placement. So much so that they had to reduce the number of possibilities by adding “islands” you can’t place a ship on. And I sort of appreciate how they reduced the chances of your opponent beating you by a single turn by including a POW on one of those islands that can only be found once all of your opponent’s ships are destroyed.

All of which is a detailed-but-much-shorter-than-it-could-have-been way to say that I think far too much about game mechanics.

And also that (here comes the reincorportation) the previous post was wrong. I’m simply a gianormous geek. It’s just that my coworkers are well aware of it, and The Wife’s friends haven’t caught on yet.

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