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Here we go again. Ben Levy 30, August

I thought I’d let you know that posting might be lighter than usual around here. By way of explanation, I’ll share an earlier conversation I had with The Wife.

The Wife: So, I start two and a half weeks of nights [at the hospital] soon. Are you gonna write another book?

Me: Yup. This one will be different though. It’ll be a collection of short stories.

The Wife: Oh yeah? And how many do you have already?

Me: Oh, only about 3. Well, 4 counting the detective story, which will probably go in. But I’ve started about 8 others.

The Wife: And how many will you-

Me: But I’ll need a lot more to fill 100 pages.

The Wife: …wait, you’re serious.

See, The Wife doing night shift (flipping our work schedules and effectively making me single again) was one of the factors that influenced the writing of my first book. Another of the factors was my desire to do something I hadn’t done before. Something I had practically no idea how to do.

Both those things are behind my desire to publish another book. Which is why this won’t be a sequel to my last Totally Appropriate For All Ages And In No Way Infantile literary work. It will be a collection of short stories- something I believe I have conclusively proven on this very blog I have no idea how to write. It’s one of several challenges I’m going to have to overcome to make this happen.

Another is the fact that I spend anywhere from 40 to 40 hojillian (totally a real number) hours a week writing for my real job. Which often means that when I get home and try to fire the appropriate nerve synapses for “lets do more writing” my brain instead sends messages to the “let’s pick up the remote and see what’s on tv” muscles.

So if you notice a shorter post here and there, it’ll be because I’m trying to write elsewhere in my life. BrokenJPG will still update twice a week, and possibly more as I get used to just dropping quick, funny posts instead of long-winded rants about how technology screwed me again.

This is Ben Levy, reminding you that I have absolutely no idea what the hell I’m doing. And it’s worked out pretty well for me so far.

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