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Shirts! Ben Levy 24, February

I have no idea what is going on this week. 3 posts in a row? I’m just as surprised as you, trust me. Anywho- shirts!

I blabbered about FPO a few days ago
, so rest assured it will not be mentioned again. (After that last mention, I mean.)

Some of these have been in the store for a while, but I wanted to wait till I had a flagship shirt for the second round of designs. Behold the flagship:

Seriously, fuck it.

Next up, we have a little something for the coders. Inspired by the retarded amounts of XML and PHP I was looking at a few weeks ago:

If you get the joke here, tag was probably the last sport you ever played voluntarily. Nerd. Feel superior wearing a joke that only a fraction of the population will understand. You’ve earned it.

And now for something a little less cerebral:

For the sophisticated man who chooses never to dress like one. In fact, if you’re anything like me, the news that you even know what a polo shirt is will come as quite a shock.

And finally, a little sumpin for the ladies:

Ladies- save your breath. Men- when the ladies yell at you, just tell them you were reading the directions.

And there it is. The second round of BrokenJPG shirts. (Insert wild applause here).

I would also like to point out that, in honor of the economy being even lower than my HOTorNOT rating, all these shirts can be yours for under $15. The tag shirt is under thirteen! It’s practically free!

If you like ‘em, buy ‘em. If you don’t, buy ‘em. And then give them as gifts to people you don’t like. Whatever works. As always guys, thanks for your support.

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Tis the Season Ben Levy 30, November

I’m just a humble Jewish boy, so I don’t profess to understand much about this “Mistletoe” thing.

But it seems to me a smart man could take advantage of that. Seems to me like maybe people have been hanging that wondrous weed a little too high. Seems like the kinda thing you could fix with a shirt.

Buy one for you and one for your other half. And have yourselves a Very Merry Xmas.

PS- Just make sure not to wear it backwards. Or do. I don’t judge.

Someone get Satan a scarf Ben Levy 12, November

The shirts are selling. People (many of them you guys) are buying them. With money. Thank you.

The only thing more surprising than the fact the shirts are selling, is the fact that I made any shirts at all. It was something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It was one of my “projects”. The kind that I “am really going to finish this time”. Let me share with you, briefly, a few of the “projects” I’ve started and have not finished:

  • Two comic books
  • One partially written short story
  • Three short stories that I’ve thought of but have not written
  • A plan for an entire anthology of short stories that are thematically connected
  • A fucking novel
  • A story told through twitter
  • A story told through a blog
  • Another blog

And now, by comparison, the projects I have indeed seen through to completion:

  • A blog
  • Design T-shirts

So, yeah. Would not have bet on those odds. I’m already working on the next round of shirt designs. In the meantime, somebody get Satan a space-heater. That bastard’s gotta be freezing.

Seriously guys, thanks.