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End Chapter 2 Ben Levy 25, April

My wife is resting in a hospital bed across the room, and I should probably be doing the same. Then again, this is the last day of my life as a not-parent. I feel like I should say something about it.

I won’t ever be the person I am tonight again. My priorities, my focus, my entire approach to life will change once my daughter is born.

What’ I’m saying is, this is sort of a Big Deal.

If she’s born tomorrow, that actual date won’t hold much importance to her. Beyond using it as proof of identity, I don’t attach any real emotional significance to what happened on June 20, 1983. June 20, 1996 was pretty great. And 2004 was epic. But it never occurred to me until tonight what that birth date must mean to my parents. To me, it’s cake and presents. To them, it’s the day their son was born.

That’s really pretty awesome, in the original sense of the word.

If the first chapter of my life was growing up, and the second was independence and marriage, tomorrow or the day after will clearly begin the third chapter. So, here we go. I expect the next post will be the one introducing my daughter.

End Chapter 2.

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