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Idiocy in One Act Ben Levy 27, September

Brought to you by the NJ PATH, and today’s educational system.


Urban Youth 1- An Urban Youth.

Urban Youth 2- Another Urban Youth

Educated Black Woman – A credit to the human race


The back half of a train car, 9:30 am. The Educated Black Woman is wearing headphones and reading a book on law (seriously, I can’t make this shit up). Next to her sits Urban Youth 1. Urban Youth 2 is across the aisle. They are shouting at each other and laughing raucously.

Urban Youth 1: Yo! Yo yo yo yo, what I do is- yo what I do is, I stick my dick in her ass, then make her lick it off, then stick it back in!

(Urban Youth 2 laughs uproariously. It is clearly the funniest thing he’s ever heard)

Educated Black Woman: (to UY1) You’re being ignorant right now.

(Urban Youth 1 looks at the woman a moment, then addresses his contemporary across the aisle again)

Urban Youth 1: Ok, ok-ok, Avril Lavine, or Lady Gaga?

Urban Youth 2: (instantly) Lady Gaga!

Educated Black Woman: Thank you. Keep it at that level. You’re being ignorant. It’s too early in the morning for that.

Urban Youth 1: Yo, whatchoo listening too?

Educated Black Woman: NPR.

Urban Youth 2: NPR? Ya mean elevator music?

Urban Youth 1: Yo shut up.

Urban Youth 2: Wha? I lissen to all kinds of music. I’m just saying…

Urban Youth 1: (bragging to Educated Black Woman) Fool doesn’t even know who NPR is. I know who NPR is, I used to got NPR as my ringtone.