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Life Imitating Art Ben Levy 27, December

One of the side-effects of having skills in real life is that you recognize just how much bullshit movies contain. Computer programmers cannot STAND hacking scenes, for example. And when I was doing martial arts, a lot of fight scenes just turned me off entirely, because I could see the holes in the choreography.

Like flips. You never see people doing backflips in street fights, because it’s actually much quicker and safer to just step backward. Same for those disney-esque football movies, where at the last second the receiver does some crazy flip over the opposing team to score a touchdown. I mean, can you comprehend just how difficult that would be? A front-flip alone is really hard to pull off, but now you’re going to do it in a game, on the fly, when it would be so much easier to just spin around and-

…oh. Oh, wow.

Dude. Wow.

Ok, listen up football. You start doing that on the regular, and I won’t just start watching you.

I’ll buy a foam finger.

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Be Thankful Ben Levy 25, November

I just doodled a quick sketch to remind everyone that we have at least one reason to be thankful this year. After all, if Ben Franklin had his way, this would be a reasonable facsimile of our country’s seal, instead of tomorrow’s main course.


Happy Turkey Day everyone.

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