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George Lucas Is Really Trying Ben Levy 18, December

Longtime readers know I am not always a fan of George Lucas. While the original Star Wars trilogy is directly responsible for at least 55% of my unbridled joy as a child, what he’s done with the property (and practically every other one he owns) since then has been painful almost without exception.

However, I posted this a while back on another Friday Feature. It almost made me fall in love with Star Wars again. I also said:

I will accept your apology, Mr. Lucas, on one of two conditions:
1. You make a game that actually plays like this
2.You let somebody else make a movie that looks like this

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the possible fulfillment of Option 1:

The first Force Unleashed game was an almost perfect yin and yang of suck and earth shattering awesome. If they fix even half the things that were wrong with with the last one, this one will be incredible.

And since they just hit me across the face with the best use of a rancor since the Empire Strikes Back, I’m willing to believe it just might happen.