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For Placement Only Ben Levy 15, February

Long-time readers of my blog (or those who check the store) are probably familiar with this shirt:


It was one of the first shirts I put up for sale, and my best-seller by far. And so I wasn’t really surprised when someone told me they saw this on


I’m not saying veer ripped me off. Really. I’m not. For one thing, I’d be a little (read: very) surprised if they even knew this blog existed. For another, they’ve got more than enough genius ideas on their own site, they don’t need to rip off my shit.

The internet is a big place. There’s more than enough room for two FPO shirts. Especially since mine is the original, has the better design, and is cheaper. (Suck it veer, the economy’s on my side!)

That being said, if you’re in the market for a shirt with FPO printed on it, you should get it here. Cause, I mean, you’re already on this site, right? Why go all the way to another site when I just keep shoving the link in your face?