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I’m a little bitch Ben Levy 12, July

I’m in advertising. I’ve been in it, as a student or professional, for nearly 7 years now.

Damn hang on, I had no idea it had been that long. Gimmie a second.

Ok, better now. My point is that this is not a 9-5 profession I’ve chosen, and many have been the times I haven’t seen The Wife for a few days. Or we only saw the other one asleep. Or as we pull in/out of the driveway at 7am.

During those periods, I’m working my ass off. So it’s always been sort of annoying when The Wife calls at midnight, then 1:30, then 2 in the morning asking when I think I’ll be home. And when she finds it frustrating that I begin responding to emails and txts the minute I walk through the door when she hasn’t seen me for days. And when she berates me for spending 30 seconds longer than necessary at my job because I actually enjoy it and sometimes talk to my coworkers. All of these were behaviors I basically shrugged off as the sort of things The Wives of the world have to do to be good The Wives.

I mean, that’s what they do right? A man would just drink beer and stop using the coaster if his woman was out of the house on that kind of schedule. Maybe have his buddies over to watch the game or shoot small woodland creatures.

Then The Wife became a doctor and I sat at home doing everything in my power to not call her and see how she was doing at midnight (I did text her twice), pretending it didn’t make me pissed when she finally got home and started txting her coworkers (I was pissed), and carefully not saying anything when she hinted that she might get done work earlier if she didn’t talk to her new friends so much (I lasted three days before pointing out I’ve been getting crap for that for two years).

So yeah. Turns out I’m a great Wife.

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