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Small-Screen Famous Ben Levy 25, May

“You know that guy”
“I assure you, I do not.”
“Yes you do, you went to high school with him or something.”

The guy in question was wearing a suit and standing nearby at a wedding The Wife and I were attending. The Wife knew the Bride and all the bridesmaids, but she didn’t know this guy. She swore I knew him, because she recognized him. This is the sort of circuitous logic that baffles single men. Married men everywhere are just nodding in sympathy.

As fate would have it, the gentleman in question wound up sitting at the same table as us during the reception. He introduced himself as “Adam”.

“See?” I told The Wife, “I told you I didn’t know him.”
She pushed me aside and asked “Do you know [the Bride] or [the Groom]?”
“Oh [the Bride]” he declared “I’m dating one of the bridesmaids.”
“Oh!” cried The Wife, with sudden understanding “I recognized you from her Facebook pictures.”

Then, a half second later she added, “I’m not a stalker, I swear.”

And that’s how The Wife became re-acquainted with the man she’d never met.

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