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Friday Feature: The Raid Ben Levy 14, October

Holy. Hell.

Back when I did Wing Chun, there were a pair of SEALS that sometimes trained at the school. Most of the time there was nothing remarkable about them. But one night during a sparring exercise, they wound up facing off against each other.

All attempts at kung fu went out the window. There was a bang, and I looked over in time to see one guy elbow drop his buddy, who was already on his knees, on the back of the neck. When the loser stood up -smiling- there was a thin line of blood down his neck.

The sheer ferocity that these guys went after each other with is not something you see often. Not even if you watch MMA or boxing. It’s not a “smart” way to fight. What it is, is a total and utter commitment to breaking the other guy before they break you. It’s pure animal instinct.

I bring this up because the combat in this trailer does one of the best jobs I’ve seen of dramatizing that. Especially 1:22-1:25. Holy. Hell.

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