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Context for today’s Friday Feature:

Some of you have heard me boast of my foosball skills. Despite the fact that I haven’t played since I moved from Miami, I will not hesitate to face a single one of you in battle. Find me a foosball table, name the stakes, and it’s on.

You think I’m just playing around. You think you’re good at foosball. “Oh yes,” you say “we have a table in our agency too. We play for [insert stupid stakes here]. I bet I can take you.”

No you can’t. You think you can, but you can’t. You don’t know where I’m coming from. Where I come from, we play for real. Oh sure, we have a prize-

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-but that’s not our motivation. You play hard when you have something to win. You play for real when you have something to lose.

Where I come from, if you lose 10-0, if you get shut out- shit gets real. You spin the Wheel of Misfortune, son. Respect the Wheel. RESPECT IT.

Because it will tell you if you get banned from the foosball table for a week.

Or that you’ve become the office coffee bitch- making two runs a day for weeks at a time.

And it will tell you if you’re about suffer the harshest penalty of all- Marmite. A product so foul that it’s own manufacturers have seen fit to mock it.


This shit is for real. So don’t tell me you’re good at foosball. It’s life or Marmite on the streets where I learned to play. That’s where I’m coming from. You ready to accept the challenge?

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