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This is how genius happens Ben Levy 15, March

While talking to an artist/friend of mine on aim, this happened:

Him: so just ninjas chopping midjets heads off?

Me: midjets
Me: like tiny planes?
Me: i demand we work on a comic with midjets
Me: it revolves around a crack team of vertically challenged ww2 aces

And within the next 20 minutes, we had worked out the entire plot.

During the depths of World War II, Churchill reasoned that smaller planes could turn tighter circles, giving them the upper hand against the superior fighting machines the Axis deployed. And so a secret squadron was formed. In a time of racism, they were a symbol of acceptance. In a time of fear, they were our greatest hope. And though they barely reached four feet, they stood tall. They were: The Sparrows.

This will be anachronistic. It will be unrealistic. It will be idiotic. I also think it will be fantastic. And now that everyone knows who you are Isaac, you have to draw it.