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The most popular Super Bowl ads, according to USAToday’s readers, as of this morning:

Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 8.12.19 AM

You’ll note that three of the top 5 ads contain dogs, one contains a baby, and the contains anthropomorphic chocolate. Which makes me think about this Fed Ex spot from 2008:

I thought overall the ads were a hell of a lot stronger this year. There were a few notable exceptions. VW might have looked better if they hadn’t felt the need to end their spot by reminding you how much better last year’s spot was. or whoever that was sucked. And GoDaddy still wanted to make me and everyone I know secede from the human race. But then, they pride themselves on being such enormous douchetools that even the average frat boy feels the need to apologize to any girls around when their spots air. So good for them, I guess. Anything about Bud Light bored me.

But aside from those, I thought we had some actually funny, decent, ads. Hyundai had a great start. Audi made me angry right up until the last 10 seconds, when they made me laugh. The Tax company that talked about feeling free while a kid ran around trying to find a place to take a leak was priceless. For the first time in a good three or four years, I felt like people might be able to talk about a few of the ads the next day. Rather than just the 2 that didn’t suck that hard.

I am sad I never saw this ad for FirstBank air, although it was leaked a few days ago. Must have been a local buy, but I really like it anytime someone sets themselves apart by spending all the money for an ad buy and then doing nothing with it. Intelligently, of course.

FirstBank – Super Bowl Commercial from TDA_Boulder on Vimeo.

Check ‘em all out here.

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