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28 in Dog Years Ben Levy 22, January

Today is the fourth anniversary of BrokenJPG! Quick- somebody make a poop joke!

Oh. Covered that, huh? Maybe some technology humor?

Really? Jeez. Ok, how about a hate-fueled rant regarding popular culture?

Augh! Fine! Let’s just rip on something topical!

Yeah, yeah, you’re right. That is how this whole thing got started.

Fuck. I better come up with some new material before this shit gets stale.

…aaaaaand there’s your poop joke.

Eh? EH? Zing.

hey look
you found
the hidden text!

Seriously, who’s still reading this stuff?

Thanks internet, for suffering through my self-indulgent crap for a whole four years! It warms the cockles of my heart. Which is creepy. Get out of my cockles, you perverts.

You Really Like Me Ben Levy 27, March

Well, maybe not “like”. Maybe “stalk”. But if you’re the author of a semi-autobiographical blog, they amount to pretty much the same thing.

There’s this scenario that keeps playing out in my life recently. I’ll run into someone I haven’t seen for a while. And before I can open my mouth, they’ll say something like “How are you? I know you’ve been busy.”

And I’ll give them a weird look. Because I have been busy. So busy that I haven’t seen them in a while, and therefore there’s no way they could know how busy I am. Which is when they say something like “I know you’re busy because you haven’t been posting as much. Or tweeting.”

And I’m struck by two things.

First, that they actually read my shit.

And second, that they actually notice if that shit stops flowing.

I firmly believe that my life is only truly entertaining to others when I’m making an ass out of myself. And so I mostly rant -comedically- about everything that goes wrong in it. But the truth is that I have an incredible life. And with everything going on the last few weeks, it’s become painfully obvious just how many people are in it who care.

I rarely check BrokenJPG’s analytics. I write this blog because it amuses me. I’d like to think that if my readership dropped to zero tomorrow (ie- The Wife stopped reading) I would keep writing it. But because I write it just to amuse myself, it’s incredibly gratifying to see that it amuses others as well. It suggests that while I’m certainly not normal, neither am I alone. There are other people out there just as screwed up as I am.

Or at least amused by how screwed up I am. I’ll take what I can get.

And so I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for tolerating my egregious run-on sentences. And thank your for tolerating my use of words like egregious.

And now, because this has been a fairly serious and mushy post, I leave you with the following thought:


That is all.

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An Inconvenient Poop Ben Levy 10, October

Long-time readers know that I do my best to help the environment. That’s the reason the wife and I bought those canvas supermarket bags- less plastic in the landfill.

Then we got a dog.

It poops.

Now we can’t buy groceries fast enough to keep a positive bags-to-bowels ratio. In fact, we had to go out and buy plastic bags, just to keep up.

If anyone has an environmentally friendly solution to this, let me know. Because apparently the hole in the ozone layer, those category 4 hurricanes, and the impending extinction of the polar bear are all due to an adorable little schnauzer-dachshund mix.

You didn’t warn me about that, Al Gore.