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Unacceptable. Ben Levy 31, July


That’s my sister-in-law and her still-relatively-new-daughter Alexa. At the time this picture was taken, I thought it was hysterical. An impromptu bit of humor in the midst of a family barbecue. But since then, I’ve changed my mind.

Far from a moment of innocent exploration, I think this image reflects the utter depravity of what passes for child-rearing in America these days. A permanent, horrifying record of the downward spiral that we have the temerity to call “parenting”. I defy you to look at that image and not feel the stirrings of righteous indignation! This is an affront that cannot be borne!

Seriously, the kid’s drinking some booze her grandparents picked up in CostCo. That’s disgraceful. We gotta get her a craft beer immediately.

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