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This is why I’m hot Ben Levy 2, January

I subscribe to the Dr. Cox school of fitness motivation. It’s pretty simple:

The only problem is that it occasionally makes me do crazy things. Like introduce my body to the P90x ab ripper routine when I haven’t worked out (or inhaled through my nose) in a week.

This means I am currently in pain. Pain in parts that aren’t even abs. I had to pause the fifteen- fifteen- minute routine at least five times to catch my breath. I heard this weird ringing in my ears, and it took me a while to realize it was Torquemada’s ghost laughing his ass off.

But I will be a sexie beetch.

(Just as soon as I can stand up without wincing.)

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This post is gay. Ben Levy 26, December

I had a whole post written about how advertisers work in teams, and how deep and symbiotic that relationship is. But it was all just an excuse to post this video anyway.

I bring this up because I saw my old partner in NYC last week, and this picture got taken:

It’s hard to see, but our hands are making a heart. And yes, we pretty much fit the stereotypes of Turk and JD. With the exception of me being married, and him getting more ass than a toilet seat.

Of course, we’ll see how our relationship fares once someone tells him I posted that photo.

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