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Things Forgotten. Ben Levy 30, August

Of course, right after deciding I would post less so I could write more short stories, I’ve felt the urge to procrastinate from writing short stories by posting. Whatever gets the words out.

Also, my brain feels like it’s on fire. Inconvenient.

I am alerting you to this awesome thing, which Warren Ellis alerted me to. Personally. By posting it on his blog. So, not personally at all.


It’s about an all-but forgotten language. Which was just discovered. Like, two years ago. Awesome. I love shit like this. Have you any idea how many advances our species have made that we’ve already lost? Of course not. Because we lost them. Still, we know they’re there. Like this language. Or the pyramids. We used to be able to move giant freaking blocks of stone that even our greatest 2010 future cranes would be hard pressed to lift today. And we did it without the computer chip. Or electricity. Or plumbing.

Even with all our technology, there are skills that our ancestors possessed that we can’t match. Insanity.

Living in the Information/Computer Age, it’s nearly inconceivable to me that knowledge, no matter how trivial, can be lost. Which I think is why I’m so fascinated by this article. It’s a comprehensive, step by step look at how modern civilization completely and utterly lost the cure for scurvy a mere 200 years after finding it.

It’s amazing what we don’t know we knew.

Someone should write a story about that.

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