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I went through a period of about 3 months where I had no free time. When my schedule loosened up enough that I had an hour or two to relax, I let my brain flatline by playing video games and watching TV. It’s a good technique. 60 minutes of video games or TV equal the kind of mental rest usually reserved for six-week coma patients.

But when my schedule became semi-normal again, I forgot to adjust. I wasn’t just gaming for an hour or two to try and make up for thinking the last 18 hours straight. No. I was gaming for 8 hours because, well, this guy here needed me to go get this thing from that other guy, who would only give it to me if I did something for him, and don’t you realize the fate of the princess/country/world/universe depends on this shit?

But I didn’t appreciate just how far down the rabbit hole I’d fallen until I got home one day to find The Wife glued to the TV over a midget marathon. I swear, TLC stands for The Little Channel. It’s fucking ridiculous. 3 footers, 24/7. I digress.

I did some chores I normally would have done days earlier. Then, after seeing that I still couldn’t repel the alien invasion because the little people were in the middle of adopting a little dog, I came and typed this post. On a Wednesday. Because this is what I used to fill my time with. Writing. Drawing. Creating. Not just consuming.

I love gaming and letting my mind take a break, but gdamn it’s dangerous. And while I wouldn’t say I was addicted (she told me the marathon ended 20 minutes ago, but I’m finishing this post first) I am going to keep an even closer watch on how I’m spending my time. Killing stuff to unwind is fine. But if I let my brain flatline too long, I might not be able to start it up again.

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