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Contests! We got contests! Ben Levy 5, September

Short version for people who hate reading:
Do you love books, but hate paying for them? Me too! That’s why I’m giving away four copies of my book to whoever posts the funniest reviews right here.

Long version for those who are possessed of intelligence, grace, and good breeding, and/or enjoy witty comments:
To help celebrate, promote, and provide suitable fanfare for the arrival of my book on Amazon, I’m running a little contest. A challenge, of sorts. To the victors go the spoils- which in this case are two copies of my book, free, in whatever format you desire. To the losers go my undying gratitude. Which is also pretty cool. Just harder to put on a shelf.

The Challenge:

Write a funny review in the comments section of the amazon listing. It does not have to be positive. It does not have to be informative. It doesn’t even have to be funny (although since I’m selecting the two most amusing comments as the winners, it probably should be). The winners will be chosen at the end of September.

Answers To Questions I Think Will Be Asked Frequently:

“I already own your book, why the hell would I want another copy?”

Because if you win, you get two copies in whatever format you chose. Print, kindle, ePub, pdf, and interpretive dance are all viable options. And I guarantee you don’t have a copy of my book in interpretive dance.

“I don’t own your book, how the hell can you expect me to review it?”

I’m not concerned about meaningful reviews. To be honest, I just want the reviews to be as amusing as the book itself. You know, like this. But if you simply must write a meaningful review, that’s ok too.

To summarize: Go here. Be funny. Win stuff.