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A Question of Confidence Ben Levy 18, April

I don’t know fashion. I’ve managed to progress to a level where I no longer get turned away from clubs (provided the lighting is bad and the doorman is half drunk already) but no one looks to me as an indicator of what they’ll be wearing in Milan next year.

I used to be much worse. There was a time when I wore shirts three sizes too big and all the shoes in my closet were classified as “running.” I wasn’t kidding before- three years ago I was turned away from a New York club because I wasn’t wearing appropriate shoes. So yeah. Changes have been made.

(I feel it necessary to inform you that I get compliments on my shoes all the time now.)

Anyhow, once my fashion sense managed to climb into the positive number range, people would occasionally say things like “that’s so you” or “that’s definitely something you would wear.” This generally had the effect of throwing me into a panic. Was this a good thing? Bad thing? Shit. I should change my clothes. But wait- I thought these clothes were ok, and I think someone just told me they’re not, so how will I ever be able to choose other clothes that are socially acceptable? I wonder if I should take a poll to see what everyone in a 12-mile radius thinks of what I’m wearing?

At this point I would usually meditate on the idea that there are no fashion critics in an insane asylum- everybody wears the same jackets with the really long sleeves.

What “that’s so you” really is, is a test of self-confidence. If you’re fine with who you are, if you know who that person is and you’re happy to be them, then someone telling you “that’s so you” is great. It’s a pat on the back.

When people said “that’s so you” about my clothing, I couldn’t deal because I wasn’t confident that the clothes that represented me were the right ones to begin with. And if they weren’t, then looking like me was a very bad thing.

But I didn’t realize “that’s so you” was a self-confidence test until a month ago, when I sent a friend a few pages of the book I’d been working on. They replied with “oh, this is totally you”. To which I responded, “Sweet. Thanks.”

See, I still may not be certain how to dress like me, but I can sure as hell write like me.*

*This is not to say I am an amazing writer. It merely means that I’ve found my personal “voice”. Whether you like it or it irritates you so much you break out in hives upon reading this blog is irrelevant. Although I suspect it’s the former, because if it’s the latter- man, why would you do that to yourself?

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