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This IS the big announcement Ben Levy 25, October

I went to summer camp for a couple years. One of those years Barney the Purple Dinosaur was a big hit with the kiddies (by which I mean, children far younger and less cool than the self-assured, totally wicked, 12-yr old crew of Bunk 9). And on the first day of camp, one kid shows up wearing a shirt that has what looks like Barney roadkill and the headline “All Purple Dinosaurs Must Die”.

We all thought it was awesome. When I asked him about the shirt later, he said “Yeah, I always wear it on the first day new places. I could get hit by a car tomorrow, but you’d all remember me as that guy who had the purple dinosaur shirt”. 12-yr old me thought that was kinda fucked up. And awesome. With that in mind:

Welcome to the BrokenJPG store. T-shirts people will remember you for. Even if you get run over tomorrow.

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