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Bonus Post Ben Levy 27, January

Went to a free creative writing seminar tonight, just to see what it was like. They had us do an exercise where we wrote about some “miracle machine from the future”. This is what I scribbled:

The Carrier Pigeon 2.0 was hailed as a marvel of robotics and artificial intelligence. Merely tell it what you need, and it would fetch it for you. Certainly the masses praised it for it’s usefulness around the home- finding keys or TV remotes. But what really set it apart was it’s ability to interpret the requests it was given. This capability was famously displayed on the day when Jonathan Pembleton, a struggling writer, crumpled up his latest screenplay and screamed “I need an idea!” within range of his Carrier Pigeon 2.0. Whereupon the device flew out the window and returned three hours later with a full manuscript. Sadly for Jonathan, it was the property of one George Lucas, and detailed the soon to be released prequel to Indiana Jones.

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